44.71 gigabytes reading session


found data

The collective reading session "Algorithmic solidarity: can colonialism be encoded into algorithms?" looks into the recent leaked source code of biggest IT corporation which is very close to russian government. The source codes of the “Yandex” company were copied in July 2022 and published in the Internet on January 25, 2023. The size of the leakage is 44,71 gigabytes.

eeefff made the leakage accesible without downloading and prepared a tool to search inside of the code that is accessible at their server – the intimate infrastructure that is available when the server is on.

By searching inside of the code you can dive into: encoded ownership on territories, exceptional cases, patterns of digital colonialism, how-to-spell constructedness, “pure web,” encoded violence, fairy tales about oil, Conditions { Tag: "war" Check { # update according to the situation Expression: "0" } } , /* If Russia (country) from Russia's point of view (001) contains Crimea and from Ukraine's point of view (UA) doesn't contain Crimea, we build 2 variants of Russia. It means, that countryToRecognitionSubjects contains ```Russia -> [001, UA].